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I thought there was something wrong with the set and had no idea that buzzer sound is what the real R40's subways sounded like.

I was trying to program in the Station Stops and using the Horn/Bell buttons and it did not work.

Apparently, the instruction manual is all about programming in Conventional mode using a transformer.  Not DCS.  Since I run on a brick there are no Transformer buttons to push for Horn/Bell.

I had to go to Barry's Companion guide to get the info as I had no idea there are softkeys to program in the station stops.

Plus had no idea what each softkey does for Subway sets.

I admit I am new to the MTH stuff, but unless you have the DCS companion guide how would you know how to program the station stops and different modes for the subway sets.

MTH Instructions that come with their products really are no help if using DCS, which is kind of funny.

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