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MTH RailKing (30-1830-1) Texas and Pacific 4-8-2 Mohawk Steam Engine and Coal Car w/Proto-Sound 3.0. New in original box never run. Cab # 900, Roadname: Texas & Pacific, Product Item Number: 30-1830-1,
Catalog: FE 2019 Volume 2, Product Line: RailKing, Scale: O Gauge.
•Die-Cast Boiler and Chassis
•Die-Cast Tender Body30-1830-1a30-1830-1b30-1830-1c30-1831-1 Texas Pacific
•Authentic Paint Scheme
•Die-Cast Locomotive Trucks
•Metal Handrails and Decorative Bell
•Decorative Metal Whistle
•Metal Wheels and Axles
•Remote Controlled Proto-Coupler
•Prototypical Rule 17 Lighting
•Constant Voltage Headlight
•Precision Flywheel Equipped Motor
•Synchronized Puffing ProtoSmoke System
•Locomotive Speed Control In Scale MPH Increments
•Wireless Drawbar
•Onboard DCC Receiver
•Proto-Sound 3.0 With The Digital Command System Featuring Passenger Station Proto-Effects
•Unit Measures: 22" x 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
•Operates On O-31 Curves Steam DCC Features
•Headlight/Tail light
•Passenger Station/Freight Yard Sounds
•All Other Lights (On/Off)
•Master Volume
•Front Coupler
•Rear Coupler
•Forward Signal
•Reverse Signal
•Grade Crossing
•Smoke On/Off
•Smoke Volume
•Idle Sequence 3
•Idle Sequence 2
•Idle Sequence 1
•Extended Start-up
•Extended Shut-down
•One Shot Doppler
•Coupler Slack
•Coupler Close
•Single Horn Blast
•Engine Sounds
•Brake Sounds
•Cab Chatter
•Feature Reset
•Labor Chuff
•Drift Chuff

This product is compatible with all O Gauge 3-Rail track systems including those systems offered by Atlas and Gargraves and Lionel and Ross Custom Switches.

Price $400.00 plus Shipping $25.00

I will ship to lower 48 states only.

30-1830-1a30-1830-1b30-1830-1c30-1831-1 Texas Pacific


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  • 30-1830-1a
  • 30-1830-1b
  • 30-1830-1c
  • 30-1831-1 Texas Pacific
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