I have a RailKing 30-20125-1 PS3 SD70ACe Diesel Engine that is showing 25v +/- on track (via the Remote menu item Track Voltage) while two PS2 Steam Locos show 17-18v. My Volt/Ohm meter also shows 17-18v. The voltages are the same for a moving engine or sitting still. I also ran the Track Voltage test before and after "starting" the engine's sounds with the same result.

My config is a Z1000 brick (18v) connected through constant voltage 1 input and constant voltage 1 output. The layout is a 4X8 with two loops connected by crossover switches. There is only one electrical block. I have 5 lighted cars on track with the engines.

The Steam Locos are 0-8-0 (30-1466-1) and 2-6-6-6 (30-1220-1).

All engines operate normally and all features work. The lighted cars light normally and are not dim.

Anyone have any ideas why the PS3 Diesel would show an incorrect track voltage?

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Thank you Engineer-Joe for replying to my post. I have checked out the links you provided and they explained the problem.

I looked for an update to the PS3 firmware but going by the date listed, it appears the firmware available on the MTH web site is the original Firmware that was loaded on the engine at manufacture.

I'm not worried about it beaause I am sure the voltage on track is no more than 18V.




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