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I'm trying to get some information regarding the Railking Amtrak Superliner passenger cars (Phase IV - 5 stripe) shown in the Railking 2019 Vol. 1 catalogue.  They are numbers sets, with (according to the catalog and MTH's website) the following cars:

30-6538 -  Says this includes 31025 (Coach/Baggage), 31042 (Coach), 31044 (Coach) and 31046 (Coach).  However, only cars 31025 and 31042 are shown in the picture.

30-6539 - Says this includes 31035 (Coach) and 33046 (Lounge).  However, 31035 is not shown in the picture - 31042 is shown.

30-6540 - Says this is Business Class Coach, but photo and description shows 38039 (Diner).

Here are my questions:

1. Were these cars ever produced?  I know 2019 was a turbulent time for MTH, and I've never seen any of these for sale on eBay or other places online.

2. Is there any possibility that any of these Coach cars may actually be a Sleeper car (specifically, 31035, 31044 or 31046, since the photos don't show these cars)?  I wonder this since the catalog pictures & description have some other inconsistencies in them.  Why would MTH offer a set with 4 coaches and no sleeper?

Hoping someone out there can help me on these questions!

Thanks in advance,


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