Need one more bank building for my Union Station kitbash project....  

Not looking to spend a fortune, I don't need the box, or the base, and if the lights don't work that's ok too.....    this will be cut up and parts re-purposed.   

My email is in my profile,  thanks


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Hello Ron, 

Thanks a bunch for sharing those photos.  You did a great job on that kitbash...  I have a file folder with a number of photos to refer to once I get stared, these are going there ASAP... 

Do you mind sharing a quick summary of the "paint job" on your Union Station...   I have done a lot of work on various buildings painting and dry brushing individual bricks and clapboards, but I have yet to take on a structure that is either granite or limestone.  Any hints of what worked for you would be appreciated.

Fortunately, there are about a 1/2 dozen shows locally near Boston through December, and then the Big E show in Springfield and I plan on attending all of them.

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