Its been almost a year since I posted this so lets try again.  No Jersey Central railroad is complete without one or more of these roaming the rails.  A single powered unit will do.  The Williams 3 car set would be perfect  Email is in my profile.


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Lots of B&O Budd cars on eBay. There is also a set of Jersey Central RDC decals.

You could make your own Jersey Central RDC cars.

These were assorted railroad MTH RDCs and they were relettered by SIRT using custom made (at my instigation) by Toms Trains in Westfield, NJ.

Did all 11 of the CNJ #s.

Using MTH RDCs, you have to make sure you get only the smooth end versions...earlier RDCs from MTH had ribbed detail going around the front...which CNJ did not have.


Am very happy with SIRT's work.

Walter M. Matuch



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Thanks for the suggestions.  Regarding the decals it is my understanding Tom passed away about a year ago.  I knew him when he ran the shop in Scotch Plains.  He was a good man.

Those CNJ decals are still available online from his family at Toms Trains on 'the bay'. Check CNJ/Jersey Central stuff there.

Walter M.Matuch

So to close this out I followed the advice from Walter and Royboy, three car RDC set and decals should arrive by Saturday.  Probably should have gone in this direction sooner.  Thanks again for the advice, pics to follow as the project moves along

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