I was wondering if anyone ever had any luck getting the shell off one of the Railking MP15ACs. In the instructions it states removing some screws on the bottom will release the shell. This is the case with the premier GP38-2s which I've disassembled many times. that doesn't seem to be the case here. 

Once the screws are removed there seems to tab at the front of the shell holding it to the chassis. I cant for the life of me manage to undo this. It's really stiff and hard to push in, I tried to with a flathead screwdriver and I felt like I was gonna break the thing. I certainly scratched the heck out of it, although that doesn't bother me much because you'll never see it way under the loco. 

Anyone ever taken one of these apart?

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Going from memory, but I thought you had to release tabs on side of cab also and lift from back.  Once at an angle, the front tab can come out.  You have to look at hand rails too.  Also may be friction from wires and boards inside.  G

I remember those are a tight fit, and I do believe that George is correct about the tabs on the cab.  I think that's one that kinda' "hooks" over the light stalk in the front.

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