Board Bundle 1) MTH PS1 top and bottom boards; DCRU reverse and audio boards; Williams DCRU board; QSI Railsounds system for Lionel Southern Mikado; ERR upgrade board and audio set


Board Bundle 2) MTH PS3 Steam board set, boiler and tender boards


Board Bundle 3) Early QSI for Lionel Railsounds 1 - Tender board set for Lionel Scale Southern Mikado from 1992 (Samhongsa), and ERR Upgrade Boards 


Most of these boards came out because some part of them failed, or they stopped functioning entirely. There may be some salvageable parts and pieces. I do no recall any's been too long. They have been sitting around and need to go. I know some of these can be repaired by the right expert. I am not one of them. Send me $50 over PayPal F/F and you can have all of the board bundles with FREE SHIPPING.

Email me at: if interested and for more photos.


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