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Can anyone help with getting some adjustments to the Reading and Northern 425 that MTH is offering in the 2017 volume II catalog?  The model proposed has the old placement of the headlight and bell.  It should look like this image from Wikipedia:RBMN 425 at Jim Thorpe, June 2008.jpg I have heard that if enough people provide them with feedback a correction would be made.  I want to make sure this would happen prior to doing a pre-order for the engine.  I know it has a totally new paint job and lettering now, but if we go with the light blue paint, can we at least get this correct? 



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Was not the real 425 patterned after a USRA light pacific and not a heavy USRA pacific? Also MTH is offering an ACL heavy 4-6-2 where as the ACL only purchased light USRA  4-6-2's. The only railroad to purchase the heavy USRA pacific was Erie although the B&O president series P7's and the Southern Ps4's were based on the heavy pacific.

Doesn't the catalog show the previous position of the headlight? There is nothing "incorrect" about modeling the engine at a different time period. I believe someone from MTH stated in the catalog thread they would be making both headlight placements in time. Mike Wolf also stated they would find an appropriate tender to use a the auxiliary tender while being interviewed by trainworld.

Also, why is the MTH 425 model nickpicked but the passenger coaches ordered without criticism? MTH is using their standard passenger cars with 6-axel trucks and partly round roofs. The R&N cars they use on their excisions all have 4 wheel trucks except for their first class/executive cars.

If I reject reality and substitute 3-Rail, how does Narrow Gauge come into all of this?

I was just speaking with a sales rep at MTH, and the 425 will have the headlight in the center of the boiler, with the bell on the front center.  The engine is supposed to ship around September, but I'm not sure what paint scheme it will have.  The pictured one is prior to 2015, I believe (medium blue).


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Jim, I pushed Mike to come out with this engine during the fall York show and he agreed to, but stated it won't be exact. When I spoke to him at the spring York show, I brought the head light issue up and he said he will look into relocating the headlight and bell. He is also considering doing both paint schemes. Myself, I prefer the early style. I liked the detailed gold trim it had and the full name on the tender. The new emblem on the tender just doesn't do it for me.


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