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I'm planning a layout using "SCARM" and RealTrax.  Have one last section of track to fill in but I can't figure out the correct combination of track pieces to complete that section.  BTW, I am a "newbie."  It doesn't look like RealTrax is meant to be cut.  Any ideas on how to deal with this problem?  BTW, the layout will be 72" x 96".

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if you attach your scarm file here to this thread, it will be easier for people to offer help. 


Without looking at it the file, i can tell you that you can cut realtrax if you have the proper tools. But that would only work if you are putting this on top of plywood and securing the track permanently to the plywood. Let us know what your plans are for this layout. 

It's like a 19 3/8" + 30" to fill the space. You can get 19.25 + 30" . trying to fit 19.50" won't work. The 1/8" gap plus/minus will have to do.

zoom in and use the measure tool and look for combos on the chart.

Here's a length chart and scarm file for the combo. 5" +4.25" + 10" + 30".


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If you look on the SCARM toolbar you'll see a tape measure icon.  Click the icon; place the cursor at one point; press and hold the left mouse button; and move the cursor to the end point,  SCARM will draw and expanding circle and show the radius in the lower left corner of the window.

Using Carl's file, the distance is 49.43 inches. So you could try the following combinations:

  • 10" + 30" + 9.43" or
  • 30" + 19.43" or
  • 10" + 10" + 29.43" or
  • 10" + 39.43"

If the measurement is correct you could get within 0.03" of 0.07" of closure.  Unfortunately, the MTH table is incomplete and does not include all the lengths and track combinations that one needs.  For example, if you wanted to fill 20.25" gap it is not in the table and 10" + 10.25 is not possible.  You need to do 9.75" + 10.5" to fill the gap.  The table needs to be expanded to cover the longest straight section or 30".


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