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SOLD - Paid  MTH Rio Grande FT A Unit – Part of set 20-2272-1 issued in 2001.  PS2 (5V) locomotive, has a beautiful paint job.  This runs well and has been equipped with an operating rear coupler since this now runs solo.  No box, but I will pack carefully.  Everything seems to be OK.  Chrono 17:23, ODO 19.1       $89 + $25 for shipping.

SOLD - PAID   MTH “Ski Train”, 20-2715-1, a beautiful FP40 locomotive in Rio Grande colors, pulls the famous ski train from Denver to Winter Park.  Presumably it earns its keep doing other work on weekdays.  This engine has PS2(3v) and lots of fun stuff, markers, rooftop strobes, etc.  Everything seems to work EXCEPT it is jerky when starting and is reluctant to go.   Doesn’t accelerate smoothly if at all.  I notice that the "hangars" a delicate loop of plastic, is missing or broken on the trucks.  That is hardly visible on a black truck, but there is damage.  Chrono reads 34:59:15, ODO 37.0.   Overall, this is a thing of beauty, especially when lit up.  That’s why I bought it.  This is sold as-is as a "fixer upper" It needs attention to fix the stalling.  If you can clean or fix it, this is a bargain at $99 + $25 shipping.  No box, but I will pack it carefully.

ATLAS Rio Grande Wide Vision Caboose, this scarce item is CORRECT for the late 1960s and 1970s.  It is a lovely model and has never been run.  $53 + $29 shipping.

I prefer USPS Postal Money Orders, but can also take Paypal F&F.  Shipping will be by FEDEX Ground.  Message me at jmm2q6@gmail.comFTFT2FT3SkiTrainSkiTrainRumpRioGrandeCabooseRioGrandeCabooseWedgeSkiTrainLeftBumblebee


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