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I have a MTH RK 30-5215 B-N-G Trolley on back order with hopes it will be here before Christmas.

I remember as a kid I had a Lionel B-N-G Trolley that was noisy and had to run fast down the track, then crash into the bumper to reverse.

Do the MTH versions run smoother?  Slower?

I read in a post that they can be run on either AC or DC track power. True? If so does one allow better operation than the other?

If I decide to go with a Dallee Back N Forth kit for AC can I put an eReverse unit in the Trolley? I may want to run a MTH RK RDC PS2 car on the same track and I believe that will require to stay with AC track power for the Dallee Back N Forth kit. The AC version of the kit requires that any locos running on the back and forth track have eUnits that sequence FNRNF.

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I installed three short trolley lines on the upper level of my layout with the track power provided by a DC computer power supply. I routed the output of that device to a terminal block and wired it to three buck converters that can be adjusted for DC output to the three separate trolley lines. Simple yet effective.

IMHO, DC power works better for the trolleys. Even at slow speed, the bump-and-go feature works as it should without a JOLT that would loosen the dentures of the "passengers."

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394

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