I have an MTH RK Imp PS2 PRR S-2 (30-1395-1).  Great engine, but the headlight stopped working.  All other lights, sounds, and smoke work fine.  I did recently install a BCR-2.  I assume the headlight issue is due to the LED gone bad.  Is there a source for a replacement LED?  MTH parts department?  Is it possible this is aboard problem?  Any chance this is related to the recent BCR-2 change?

Appreciate your patience with all the questions.  Any help appreciated as to fix the headlight operation appreciated.   

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I took the shell off and disconnected and re-connected the headlight lead.  Checked headlight button several times.  Tried a feature reset.  Still a no go.  Yes, the back-up light on the tender works when in reverse.  

I did not know LEDs started with PS3.  Makes sense that maybe the headlight is burned out.   

Will a replacement LED work for the bad bulb?

I'm not saying that my solution will be your solution but I"ll chime in with it anyways.  2 months ago I too had a headlight that I could not get to come on.  Tried both a factory and feature with no positive results.  Took it to an authorized shop and they didn't know either so the service person called someone at MTH.

The MTH guy said to do a CONVENTIONAL FACTORY reset, and that worked.  Since then I've learned that a conventional reset is slightly different that a factory reset using DCS to do it.

It's worth a try I guess.

- walt

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