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G'day everybody.  I have recently started collecting the RRC Railking items in the corporate colours.  Being based in Australia, I am having a hard time trying to find a list of what has been released.  If one is available, could somebody please point me in the right direction.  Alternatively, could somebody perhaps fill in the gaps below.  This is what I have so far

1998 Charter Member Box Car

1999 Operating Crane Car

2000 Crane Tender

2001 Flat Car with ERTL Panel Vans

2002 Offset Steel Caboose

2003 Modern Tank Car

2004 Gondola with LCL Containers

2005 Boxcar with Generator

2006 40' High Cube Box Car

2008 19th Century Box Car

2011 Modern Tank Car

I think I have seen a 2014 4 Bay Hopper and 2016 Husky Stack online, but not anywhere for sale.  I rely pretty much on ebay to find these items.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Daryl,

Here are the missing cars from your list up to the present year.

2007 19th Century Wooden Tank Car 30-73235

2009 19th Century Reefer Car 30-78093

2010 Gondola Car w/Crates 30-72048

2012 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car 30-75406

2013 50' Double Door Plugged Boxcar 30-74723

2014 Flat Car w/Trailer 30-76561

2015 4-Bay Hopper Car w/Coal Load 30-75514

2016 Husky Stack Car 30-76645

2017 Flat Car w/(1) Ford Transit Van 30-76674

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A couple of years ago I got a few items from years past from the MTHRRC from MTH. I called the MTHRRC and asked what they had available and they told me what they had. Might be able to check their website for the 30 number and from the product page use the 'Find it Locally' tab. Not sure that works for the MTHRRC stuff though? I have never tried that with the MTHRRC stuff. Also the 'Wanted to buy' forum here might be a good place to post your list. May be hard on the shipping costs that way though?

Good luck with your search.

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