If someone from MTH  could please answer that would be great .  

Thanks in advance .

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Another question is are they going to continue to produce train sets in only the most immediately known railroads?

There were more railroads and schemes over the past 100 years.


Hi Andrew 

I guess we can hope they come out with other RR names than the class 1 railroads . 

I am hoping for Gp-7/9  in  WABASH or New Haven in Railking line .  

Also wondering what the Christmas cars will look like .  

I also hoping they will come out with a Grain Elevator .  Lionel dropped the ball two years back when they canceled their's that was pre built at $79  .    I ordered two ! 

I guess we will play the waiting game for the RTR catalog .  


They are putting the finishing touches on the new tinplate sets that will be in it!!! 

May God Bless us all.

The team at M.T.H. have yet to make a starter set for the Illinois Central (Gulf), the Rock Island, the SOO LINE, and The Grand Trunk Western. They were or have been Class 1 railroads for many decades.


Hi Andrew 

Those railroads for starter sets would be great !  

Gp-20 or Gp-7/9 engines for those starter sets would be great !   

Bill in Wauwatosa


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