I recently purchased some mth beer cars. The issue in having is there seems to be to much vertical play.  All the screws seem tight.  When it uncouples from the other cars both are still in  the closed position. Of course I can not get it to do this in front of me. And it happens at random on the track.

I'm guessing the is some kind of modification I can do. Any ideas.
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I have purchased two of the MTH S gauge reefers and I had a problem with them not staying coupled.  What I noticed is that the coupler drops down so that it is not parallel to the track.  The coupler would become uncoupled even though the coupler didn’t actually open.  When I took off the truck I noticed that the hole in the coupler shaft is larger than the hole in the truck.  I solved the problem by using super glue to attach the coupler shaft to the truck so that it is now parallel to the track.  It concerns me that if I want to convert to scale couplers that I may not be able to get the coupler off the truck.  I’m hoping someone has a suggestion for a less permanent solution. 

On the old SHS coupler, the hole on the coupler shaft was also larger than the hole in the truck.  The larger hole fit over a slightly raised boss on the car's bolster:

shs hr coupler


Here it is after fitting it to a Lionel/Flyer Hopper using American Models trucks.  No glue, super or otherwise was used.  The only thing holding everything together is the truck screw:

LNL HRC 032314 07

LNL HRC CH 032314 03


I don't have an MTH hirail car to compare against, so I can't study how the coupler might have cause to flop around.  But, there are super glue debonders available that will enable you to remove the coupler from the truck at a later date if so desired.




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