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Kinda old news, the MTH "fishbelly" hoppers have been out for a couple of weeks, now.  My not-so-LHS-anymore finally received mine and shipped them out to me yesterday and arrived by UPS today.

I ordered the two N&W HiRail versions to keep my Y3 company.  Unfortunately, I've got nowhere to run or properly photograph them at the moment, so a couple of quick pics will have to do.

MTH 011921 [1)MTH 011921 [3)

These are nice cars.  The irony is the first all new product (never released by SHS) from MTH S is also their last.  I don't know if SHS had actually started to have the tooling cut or if MTH did.  Doesn't really matter, though.

From what I'm given to understand these cars have sold well and the N&W version is sold out at MTH and the dealers.

I think MTH somewhat missed the boat here.  These cars would have been perfect for two "6-packs" plus one extra car.



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  • MTH 011921 (1)
  • MTH 011921 (3)
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From Don Thompson, co-owner of the former S-Helper Service....

"For those who do not know the story when MTH finally announced this release, it was special too me as it is a car I picked out, designed and reviewed the tooling, but, we never had the chance to produce. When I saw all the roads (being offered by MTH) had peaked ends, I went to the tooling inventory that MTH transferred from our builder Sanda Kan. The flat end tooling was missing. I can only assume it was not returned to our tool bin after the tooling test shots. As I think of it, I would rather the flat end go missing as we made over 25,000+ cars with that (flat) end. Other than that, I think the cars look great. I suspect they used the artwork I prepared a decade ago, they did change the N&W number from 22100 to 22109. I wonder why? I liked our blackened wheelsets better, but maybe rust paint will stick better to this coating."

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