It will be interesting to see the catalog. This might give a bit of a look behind the curtain of what MTH has planned (or lack there of) for S.

At this point it’s more like morbid curiosity than excitement.  And it does not make me happy to say that.   




I appreciate that MTH has been able to largely maintain the same price points that we were seeing in the final S Helper Service catalog from 2010.   That's no small feat given what labor costs in southern China have been doing over that time period.  I've been waiting for the caboose for some time and plan to support them by buying two.

The switchers are priced a bit higher than they were in the SHS days but given the levels of control and sound which are now standard I think they represent a good value.  I  will order 1 - not sure if it will convert me to DCS, but It will give me a way to try it out.

Now... how much these purchases will move the needle on MTH deciding to offer, tool and deliver the  89' autorack I've been wanting, all at the exceptional low price of $69.95, is debatable.   But it doesn't hurt to dream.


Nick C.

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