I have a section on my layout where I am running the right of way in a hard to reach area and decided, to avoid later issues with derailments, to glue the straight sections I have of MTH S-trax. I tried guerilla glue, but it does not bond and I can scrape off the glue with my fingernail. My question: what is a good glue? We are talking about 4 or 5 sections.


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You may be able to use mechanical means, such as small black binder clips, to hold the track sections together from underneath and keep them from coming apart. The chrome "handles" on the clips can be removed if they touch or get in the way of the electrical contacts and just leave the black "clip" part intact.

If you have a foam base, there should be no issue with the clip contacting the layout surface before the bottom of the track itself, as it can just be pushed down into the foam. If it's a hard surface with no give, just make sure you use the right size clip and it should be ok - I believe it's 3/4".

I use them on some sections of my Fastrack but can't take credit for it - tip from GRJ.

Binder clips do not work on SHS/MTH sectional track. Have you tried gap filling superglue? I see no reason it will not work, remember, after the track is installed there will be very little force on these joints. Also, have you worked out the track plan yet? Almost every multiloop plan with turnouts I have built with this track requires cutting a piece of track because SHS/MTH does not make a 2.5" piece like S scale FasTrack does.


SHS used ABS for S-Trax.  I see no reason why MTH would change as they use ABS for their products.

This link will go to an archived SHS catalog.    Scroll down to Making Custom Lengths of Track and they mention Plastruct solvent cement along with the how to do.   Plastruct Bondine will work on ABS.  Plastruct Plastic Weld also lists ABS and is also formulated for styrene.



Folks, I am going with the plastruck. Thank you for your help. I especially liked the SHS web site. I got into Flyer some years ago, when a client gave me a 312AC loco, which I ran on the SHS track and was thrilled with the whole operation. Bigger than HO but not too big. Its special. I do have Lionel and Gauge 1 but "S" is different.


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