Just received this engine set. The lead A unit has all proto 2 sound features, but the trailing A unit has no sounds at all. The trailing A unit powers forward and reverse properly. But it has no sounds and there seems to be no smoke coming out either. I know it is supposed to smoke but is it supposed to have all the sounds the lead A unit has. Thanks.

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The trailing A unit in most MTH production up until very recently was a 'slave' unit - it has twin motors and should have a smoke unit but no sounds. Does the lead A unit smoke OK?  If the problem persist, you may have to have the rear smoke unit checked.

I have the 2010 version of yours (20-20046-1) and the rear A unit should have smoke and motors, but there is no sound system. I can tell you at least from mine the speaker in my front A unit is top notch, very loud, and deep.

  • Does the front A unit smoke?
  • Did you put smoke fluid in both A units?

Thanks for the info about no sounds in the trailing A unit. The sounds in the lead unit have good definition and tone. I just wish the volume was a little louder. All settings are set to maximum output. The smoke is working fine in the trailing A unit. It is really a cool site to see both units smoking away. The set has really good details and the paint decoration is terrific. I really like this set.

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