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Hi guys.  I've been away most of the summer.  Need help.

The ABA unit has been on my overhead layout for 6 years.  Two motors, in the forward A unit.  The layout is large, each of 4 engines pulling an average of 25 cars, on two mainlines.  The layout is completely level.  DCS, one TIU, powered by one PWZW.  All engines are MTH, and have been running flawlessly for all 6 years.


Cleaned and lubed trucks.  Took it apart, cleaned and lubed screw type, flywheel motora and gears.   Modest improvement, but same result after 90 minutes continuous running.  The A unit gets warm, not hot.  The other three engines remain normal temp.  No wiring or electrical changes of any kind.

Any ideas on what to do?  I understand the load I've been putting on the engines, but the others remain normal, and the ZW and TIU seem to be functioning normally.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



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is the ZW getting hot? Like G asked how much total amp draw?

Have you spaced the engines apart and see if they run the same speed still?

Could one have thrown a tire? Look closely to make sure all wheels are turning on all powered units!

If there's one that's quitting, it will be cool! ( not hot)

Could your track/power connections be getting corroded?

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