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I have a scale example from each MTH era, PS1, PS2, and PS3.  The major changes in detail and operation happened with the intro of the PS2 examples, only improved upon by the more robust PS3 electronics.  Hands down, the PS3 version is highly recommended over the earlier problematic ones.  I actually enjoy it over the recent VL GG1 for its flawless performance, less finicky by far.  Being half the price doesn't hurt either.  I also have the PS2 and PS3 versions of the traditional sized GG1, with working pans on the latter.  It must be terribly crowded inside that shell.


I have two of them both of them PS2 and have issues with them both. Both have been reset to factory defaults by MTH Service Tech and they are still not right. Cannot get more then 15-20 MPH out of them and when I load them into DCS they both take the same address and cancel the other one out, I was trying to make a lash up when I learned this now I just let them sit on the shelf and look pretty. Don't know what to expect when I try to run them, no layout for no so it doesn't matter much.

Bruce, I know of no problematic earlier GG-1 locomotives.   I know a bit about these engines and would never consider them problematic.  The MTH GG-1 is one great running engine.   Did you get the recent VL GG-1?   Many folks forget the PS-2 5V G motor was produced with operating pans.  These have been great runners for me.  I run live catenary like the real G motors.

I make my statements from first hand knowledge as a multi  GG-1 owner and as an MTH tech.  Under no circumstances is the G a problem.   Being an MTH tech, I am not going to comment on what the better G motor was.    They are all good.

I have many MTH G motors and about the same in Williams converted to PS-2.  

 Rick, that makes no sense.  Was the MTH service tech at Maryland or other?   Are your engines 5V boards?    

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Paul, the MTH GG-1 is great.  I have 16 and love them.   Do you need one, I have a friends locomotive he may be selling.

16!! Thanks Marty, I now don't feel guilty anymore for owning 5 SD80's and going for my 6th! LOL! But on a serious note, do you display or run them or a combination of both? That is amazing!

I run the wheels off.  My layout operates every  day.   I have many locomotives in wall cases.  They get swapped out with what is on the tracks.  Everything runs and gets used.   Many times I have people bring locomotives to run.  The best part of the hobby is sharing with other members.

Guys/Gals,   Remember every Forum member is welcome to stop by when in the area.



Marty wins - he, probably, has more G's than the rest of us. I have 2 MTH and the VL 4800.  The first was a Proto1 which I upgraded to PS2.  The second is PS2 with operating pans.  I never found either to be problematic; always smooth, strong pullers.  The operating pans worked fine but I could never get them to operate manually using the remote.  I downloaded the premium wifi app and discovered they worked fine manually using the app - go figure.  I have found that the VL G is somewhat finicky but it is a beautiful model with great sounds and the sparking pans look great under the catenary.

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Is the MTH G from the same original tooling of the Weaver scale GG1?  I remember them and had one of the first issued that was brass and really nice. Green 5 stripe and didn't have flywheels but was a smooth runner anyway. It had a subtle elegance that really impressed me at the time. Wish I had hung onto it and had it updated with command & sound...

Bruce, any 5V is an issue with a bad battery.  I still have two 5V G motors running about.  I use nothing but the green MTH battery and they still run.   That is a situation that the fault falls on the owner and not the G motor.  I do work for both MTH and Lionel.  I know what engines are a pita and which engines stand tall.  The MTH G motor is one of the best running engines ever made.   If it was a bad engine, I would not have as many as I do.   Guys, that may not be many due to the fact I am older and have been to 74 York shows.   I see close to 450 locomotives each year ( all makes)  on my bench and feel very strongly the MTH G is not a problem.  IF they were, you would see them on the sale boards.  


Sam, the MTH GG-1 tooling was new.  The Weaver G motor was brass.

Bruce, you do not know any of this from first hand basis of knowledge you just heard it from someone.    Pretty sad to make a post like yours without having first hand knowledge.    Why do you just want to be heard and slander something you know nothing about?  Nobody cares about your educated (guess) opinion if you are throwing crap out with no basis of knowledge or truth. 

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