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Im currently in the process of purchasing a scale wheel MTH engine (22-21307-2) has one I was told it would be ok on my O-54 curves with the hi-rail wheel set and two I like the idea of the fixed pilots but so far all im able to find out is that I will only be able to use kadee couplers the problem being all of my rolling stock use the standard o gauge couplers and with O-54 curves I don't want to convert them to kaydees untill I can upgrade to O-72 and lathers curves. So my question is is there a santander o gauge coupler untill I get larger curves or would it be better to remove one of the proto-couplers from my other gp38-2 untill I can go full kadee?


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You can only use kadees. The hole in the pilot will not accommodate  a lobster claw. Also, the fixed pilots are set up for body mount couplers, not the truck mounted 3 rail lobster claws.

I would convert 1 end of 1 car to a kadee so you can couple it to the engine. A GP38 is short enough that you can probably get away with 054s and kadees. Try converting a 40ft boxcar so there’s not much distance between the truck pivot and the coupler. Be prepared to experiment a little bit. You may need to use the longer shank 746 coupler on the rear end to space the car away a little more and get a bit of extra swing.  

Otherwise, if you really have to have 3R couplers, just pass on it.

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