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On another MTH Service thread there were some comments (self included) about some wait times on the phone and long delays with service.

I'm not sure how or why, but I just received some amazinging fast service from MTH.

I mailed an engine to MTH for repair on Jan 11th.  The shipment was delayed due to weather and arrived at MTH on January 16th.

The engine was just dropped off at my front door on January 19th fully repaired.

3 days to repair and ship to my door.

Totally Amazed!!!  Thank you MTH if you are reading this.

Having Fun Now.





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kjstrains posted:


I sent one of my engines into MTH about the same time as you did.  Did MTH send you a tracking number when you returned it to you?  Nice to hear that MTH is turning repairs around much quicker.  

No, I never received a tracking number.  As a matter of fact when I saw the box on the porch, my first thought was that the USPS returned it to me undelivered.

I suppose I could have tracked the RA number on their website, but it had only been three days.


I recently purchased the Lionel 6-82110 FasTrack Extended Truss Bridge and only received 4 of the 10 piers needed. The box was in a sealed shipping carton when picked up at the store. The purchase was made yesterday so I registered the warranty and sent an email to the service department explaining my problem. This is my first experience with the Lionel Service Department so we will see how it goes.  This is pretty disappointing since I had waited 2 years to be able to purchase this bridge.



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