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A couple more of my favorite MTH pieces are the breakthrough operating accessories they made in the early 2000s . The Sinclair Gas Station and Mel's Diner.  There are interesting back stories for each of them and they both work well with clever animation and sounds.  Their size/footprints got in they way of being used in a  lot of smaller layouts and you will find them set up to operate on tables that are separate from the layouts themselves in some cases, because they can't be squeezed into available layout space.  Also, price increases over the years didn't help their popularity either.

Still and all, they are fun to watch and great pieces for larger layouts.

Ed Boyle


@DG posted:

My favorite MTH item is the first diesel engine Mike announced at York in the spring of 1993. I ordered this CSX Dash8 directly from Mike at his table at the spring 1993 York meet. It was delivered in October 1993 to me at my house by UPS. I was thrilled with it and still run it occasionally. The nice thing is it is conventional and can run on any AC transformer. Here is a picture of the engine and the catalog Mike gave me to convince me I should order it. I have bought many many more MTH engines and cars.




Fantastic story!! I really like how you have the original advertisement to go with it! 

Hard to beat the original and being first in line!!

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