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Hello All:

During the holidays, my Elk River Coal & Lumber 4-truck Shay decided it wanted to be repaired and broke the Drive Shaft Connector at the U-Joint behind the cylinder housing.    It appears to be the result of metal fatigue (I was running on O-72 curves) so I doubt there was too much "strain" on the drive line. 

Has this happened to anyone or does anyone know the part number to the Drive Shaft Connector/U-Joint? After a quick search of the forums I came up empty for Part Numbers. Spoke with MTH a few weeks ago to have someone research the part number but no luck as of yet.

I've posted some photos below so everyone can see what I am talking about.  I would need the part number or a suitable replacement for the part circled in red.  Please let me know if anyone else out there has experienced this issue and or if there is a solution!


Shay 1

Shay 2




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