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Hello all,

I recently picked up an MTH ps 1 gp38-2 chessie shell 20-2186-1. I want to use it to replace the shell on another engine PS 2 gp38-2 that has cosmetic paint damage. The ps 1 did not have a smoke unit so the smoke vents have two plastic tabs under the shell mounted to cover the vent openings in between the fan in the roof. The ps 2 has a smoke unit. My question is what would be the best method to remove these two tabs without damaging the shell. I have included a photo. 07B08726-6694-409C-9B01-DEDA96FA25A7


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  • 07B08726-6694-409C-9B01-DEDA96FA25A7
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Likely to be glued down.  You can try to get under it with an Xacto chisel blade and see if you can lift them off, but if you have some time, the method most likely to succeed is to put some sand paper on a block that fits down in there and just sand through the plugs.

If you dont have patience, drill through the top and file the exhaust ports open. Touch up the insides of the stacks with black paint.

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