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Lionel16 posted:

Last year, I placed an order at my local hobby dealer for a MTH Railking CNJ RSD4 30-20484-1 (2018 vol 1).  The website showed they were supposed to arrive in April.  Obviously, they missed that date.  Does anyone know the new date when the alco RSD4/5's are supposed to arrive?

I was just thinking about buying it the other day. Seems like all the good stuff is always last on the ship list.

                                           Not a must have as it would just be used as a helper to the SD lash up.

                                                               Loosing interest fast.  Better hurry!

                                                                           Best price is at Justrains

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Nick, I have a pair of the CNJ RSD4’s on pre-order with one of the Forum sponsors, and didn’t even notice that the ETA has come and gone until you posted this.  That’s probably because they’re just going to get added to my already backed-up project list...LOL!  

I have a powered and non-powered unit from MTH’s prior release (equipped with PS2) that I detailed and weathered, and I’m planning to do the same with these.  I’m really looking forward to the PS3’s with smoke units.  After all, what’s an ALCo engine without smoke??!! 

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Hey Nick, here's some good news...

I received the latest "Scheduled Arrival" dealer email from MTH today listing the items due to arrive at MTH by May 31st and the RailKing ALCo RSD's (including the CNJ version) are on the list.  The shipping info contained in these dealer emails tends to be very accurate, so it looks like they will be here soon!

If you'd like to see it for yourself, Forum sponsor JR Junction has posted the latest MTH shipping list in a thread on the Hi-Rail, O-27 and Traditional 3-Rail Forum.

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I'd like to know when the RJ Corman SD40-2 is scheduled to be shipped.  I put in a pre-order back in August and the website says October 2018.  Missed that target by a light year or two.  Since then I have asked MTH in an email, no response, what's new there.  I have asked other hobby shops I've bought engines from, no help there because they are as uninformed as the rest of us.  Don't get me wrong I'm certainly not throwing rocks at anyone, but MTH is as BAD about not replying to correspondence as Lionel.  It's as if they want our money but they don't want talk to us in the mean time.  All that super secret probation crap about not giving out information about future products.  If you haven't seen Animal House the super secret jazz will not make any sense.  So not only would I like to know when or if the RJ Corman engine will ever be shipped to stores, I'd also like to know why the manufacturers feel the need to keep it a national security issue. 

Truthfully I watch SciFi because of my wife but I'm more a comedy and spoof guy.  Thanks for the help and you just went a long way toward restoring my faith in the email style of conversation.  I finally got back a reply that actually gave me hope that my engine does exist and will be in my house some day.  Not just, "you got me, hopefully May."

Asked about this at York, being that I'm looking at one of the RK MP-15's (Aug 2018) and Amtrak auto-train 6-car set (Sept. 2018). The answer I got was, the employee who maintained updates to the the shipping schedule had departed for greener pastures, and no one else was available to take up the position.

So, "when it gets here, it gets here" (and I make a mental note to maintain the play-money fund at an appropriate level for whenever they do)


Also, here in the midwest, having a smaller LHS, I get my pre-orders about 2-4 weeks after the folks in the East that order from the larger dealers in their areas. The Eastern dealers are also closer to MTH (and Lionel), but I think they ship to the larger dealers first (largest orders) and then take care of the smaller orders like my LHS would place. For the most part I have found MTH to usually be close on their shipping dates.  Wasn't that 'double secret probation'?

First, you're right.  Double secret probation.  I'm slipping.  Second, those were some of the best responses I've ever gotten to a question.  Thank you, you have restored my faith in MTH.  I wish the greener pastures person good luck.  My play money account is adequately stocked.  And I too have gotten stuff in the mail and said, "what the hell is this?.…….Oh yea, right."  I would like to ask one more thing but I don't want to ask here because it's the wrong category.  I'm going to jump to the tech support page and ask this one.  It involves the PFA button on my remote.

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