Looking at an MTH Southern Pacific Daylight for sale . The smoke unit is broken. Worst case scenario what would it cost to replace? I want to figure that into the cost.



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Need to know model number to see if it's PS1,2 or 3 . I've seen used ones from 30 to 60$. And I'm sure folks on here have some extras as well.

If it's ebay item number 164083779725, yours truly has had the pleasure of enjoying this model for awhile until my grandfather (the ebay seller) chose to sell it. The smoke unit in it was problematic from the beginning. Upon first taking the model out of the box some years ago, it (the smoke unit's fan) didn't work. It was taken for service, upon return it worked for a few months then quit. Now the unit doesn't smoke at all. The MTH number is 20-3484-1. 

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Replacement fan and a couple resistors is probably $10-15 in parts from MTH. Takes a couple minutes of your time and a soldering iron to fix.

It's a whole nother ball of wax if it's a board issue. 

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I just picked up a new RK version from Pat's trains. Wonderful loco, great detail, even has the break-away chains.  Cost was about 1/2 what the ebay ad is. However, if your set on the premier verision, there's another one for 750$ PS3 as well, like new, same model number 20-3484-1, listing is 254513821093.

BTW, I highly recommend Pat's, I only bought this 1 loco from him, but the communication and fast shipping was outstanding. Will definitely look to purchase more from him.



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Worst case is the $50.  Unless board.  Easiest case is resoldering some wires or rewick at a few $$.  G

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