MTH smoke unit for a TMCC upgrade

I'm working on an upgrade project (Lionel 18018 - Southern 4501) and thinking of using a MTH smoke unit. This will be a TMCC controlled locomotive when I'm done.  What MTH smoke unit should I use (part #)?  Are there any considerations I should be keeping in mind (power requirements come to mind).

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You will have to change the resistors for the MTH smoke unit for TMCC use.  I use a 20 ohm 3W resistor in the two holes closest to the stack output and just solder the other two holes for the second resistor over.  If you don't use my Super-Chuffer, you'll have to supply a fan power supply, 5V for continuous smoke, or provide some chuffing provision.  The steam smoke unit (small posts) part number is AA-0000070, that's the one I use in steamers.

Thanks, everyone.

GRJ - do you have a preference of lionel vs. mth when doing fan smoke upgrades (in a tmcc conversion)?

How do you handle the smoke funnel (getting from the top of the smoke unit and out through the top of the locomotive stack) with the AA-0000070?

I've tended to use the MTH smoke units as I've gotten better results with them.  Also, for many K-Line and Lionel puffer replacements, the location of the mounting for the old smoke unit lends itself to a simpler mounting for the MTH than the Lionel smoke unit.

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