I recently picked up a lot of different MTH smoke units, and I'd like (if possible) to add them to some of my non-MTH trains.  I'm guessing you can't directly wire them up without burning them up, so can anyone give me some pointers?  (In particular, I'd like to hang a smoke unit in my "Tin Plate Traditions" Hiawatha and some of my Williams trains without getting overly complicated).  Thanks in advance!

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PS1 smoke units are track powered, I installed one in a Williams cab forward.

Here's a Lionel smoke unit in a Williams (not my vid).

If those have motors.  You need a switch to get puff.

What ga?  Cause I had to bend the light reflector in my 392 to make room for smoke unit.

The repair guys. Will explain.  To much voltage.  I have burned a few.. Till I got it right.

I use the MTH smoke units in many upgrades, 3rd Rail, Weaver, Williams, etc.  I've used them in K-Line and Lionel to replace puffers as well.

If you're not installing PS2 or PS/3, the command smoke unit will require a resistor change for use, I use anything from a 20 ohm to a 27 ohm resistor.  You also need a source of 5VDC power for the smoke fan.  Of course, for steamers I'm normally installing a Super-Chuffer II, so I have the fan control all handled.

Here's the PS/2 unit in a K-Line.

Here's the PS/1 unit, this will run directly off track power.


Corresponded with Midge in 2009 about a MTH smoke unit to installed in a reg regular loco to run off track voltage between 12-16 volts her response below . Bought it back then hooked up some leads and tested fine just not installed in any engine as of yet.

Just checked that part number on MTH site  AA-0000011 and it now cost 65.00 instead of the 50.00 paid back then 10 years ago and S&H probably is more as well.

Dear Martin:Thank you for the email below.That voltage, 12-16VAC is fine. The AA-0000011 smoke unit is fan driven and will operate properly at the voltage listed. I The part number is AA-0000011.  The cost for this smoke unit is $50.00 each Shipping & handling is $6.75 . Hope the above information is helpful.If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know.Have a nice day!MidgeParts DepartmentAt 04:58 PM 10/12/2009



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All the ones with electronics on boards are PS/1, the others would be PS2 or PS3, the same smoke is used in both.

Not sure about this one, never saw those before.  I'd have to guess really early MTH if it's from an MTH locomotive.


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Here's a picture of the bottom of the first unit (pics 1&2).  Any idea where power would come into it?  This is the one I'd like to install in my 250E Hiawatha (MTH repro).  Thanks again!IMG_0456  


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DUH!  I was looking too hard!   This one came from a unit with spring contacts to power the smoke unit/light, the two contact pads are track power.  As you can see, the top one is connected to frame ground, the other one goes to the center roller.


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Making some progress.  That said, when I put power to the bottom contact pad and ground to the other, I get the light and smoke fan, but no smoke.  With some experimenting, I discovered that if you bridge the two contact pads with power, then ground the housing, you get light, fan and smoke.  Could there be another contact spot for a real ground?


I suspect the two mounting screws provided that path, in looking closely at the two pads, one goes to the light and it's labeled AC Lamp on the top.  I can't see the label on the top side of the other pad, but I'll guess it's smoke or something like that.  In any case, the one I can't read and the mounting screw ground seems to be the ticket for smoke.

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