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@ThatGuy posted:

According to a chart I have the issues are small the speaker/board or very tolerant, He can put a resister in the circuit if he so desires.

May I respectfully suggest you not make recommendations when you clearly don't know what you're talking about!

A 16 ohm speaker can never be made louder by adding resistance.  The fact that the impedance of the speaker is four times the optimum impedance of the 3V PS/2 board means that Jon, of course, is 100% correct, it will be very low in volume.

I am looing to replace the 4 ohm speaker in the MTH  Proto 2 locomotive tender. I can probably get a speaker online, but would like to enhance the sound with the replacement speaker without altering any other adjustments.

The speakers that MTH uses are high efficiency speakers, so they're fairly loud for their size.  I won't comment about the sound quality as I believe Lionel uses better speakers and gets better sound quality.  You want to look for a 4 ohm speaker with dBA efficiencies in the 80's or better for good volume.  Obviously, you need to pick a size that will fit in the space provided.

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