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Vernon, thank  you for the rapid reply. Like you, I like "cutting to the chase" also. So, to cut:

Evidently, I knew what I had due to the charging port, (that was why I listed the info) but since my memory is like the rest of me and OLD, I put the ? mark. You have no memory/age problem, since you were adamant as to that . And I thought I made it evident that I have no intention of using the speaker, as you might have surmised from my "off to see the selling/return wizard" of ebay. No sense making bad, even worse!

Second, prior to coming here (you and I sound a lot similar!) I had already filled a claim for refund from the bay and sent the two photos along with the sales description stating " MTH replacement.....etc" and telling them I felt due a refund.  Great minds, and all that, I can only hope that the brains there agree with you and me!

Third, my posting was to hopefully generate a lead for the speaker I need. Clicking on links above gave some out of stock messages, and also numerous speakers that did not meet the criteria,  AND....(I am not quite sure why you thought it was "even worse"........

lo and behold, you provided a link to such an animal!!! And, at only $5 per pop, and $10 shipping, straight from the MTH God itself.  I should buy 2 and have one for a spare since it is probably the same shipping fee.

I am now hoping that MTH (or who or whatever is now using those initials) does have those speakers and will send me a pair, thank you for that link. Perhaps in a week - though I imagine it will take longer with the PO the way it is these days, I can report great success and that the engine is again "tooting away!" I appreciate the replies.    Greg

@cngw posted:

Can I revive this topic? I have a chessie steamer ( round charging port ie: 5 V? )  with the same MTH star spkr shown above....same flaking spker,same crappy spkr. Ordered one from the bay" (a link that I got from GRJ awhile back..but things change with time)  a "PS2 MTH  steam replacement spkr" Got it in...nothing like the old one except it looks like it could fit,,,same diameter. New one is 8 ohm 2 w with REAL small magnet, old one is 16 ohm 5 watt and a huge magnet for a 2" spkr.

Don't know what link you mention, but I can assure you I wouldn't be recommending an 8 ohm speaker for any PS/2 pr PS/3 locomotive unless it had multiple speakers.  Could be the vendor pulled a switcheroo on you.

John, I dug up that old speaker post, I remembered part of it, but not all.. The part I remembered was a statement you made about "any speaker....." and the info I posted about one I found on the bay, Looks like I should have dug it up before I ordered this speaker. Like my old speaker, my old memory is not what it used to be, sorry to wrongly incriminate you! The post is here

Eventually, I will wind up with one I guess, but not without effort. Entering this, ' 2" 16 ohm 5 watt speaker  ' into the search on the bay  yields a great many...none that will work, Their search engine leaves a lot to be desired,

a web search shows this one   

It is $6 and probably more than that to ship it,   A web search turns up many - but I am guessing that .5 watt will not work if 5 watt is required. The Lionel site & the Lioneltrainstore sites do not return any after a search  (1 wont take the 2" just searches for 2 speakers! seems nothing is straight foreward anymore!)

And it appears Amazon sells every kind of speaker ever made....numerous .5 watt ones..... Here is a pair for less than $6, but only .25 watt and shipped free! Seems you can buy a ton of everything you DON'T want on Amazon AND get it shipped for free.

So, like Vernon said, cutting to the chase, anyone have a link to a known good supplier with a known satisfactory replacement speaker, at a reasonably shipped price.... before I die of old age?

Greg (Lord knows how much I hate typing on a laptop,,,,I don't understand how people do it on a phone!)

NOTE: Clicking on my link takes you to the speaker page. Clicking on the link in John's post below yields "Page Not Found" MORE interestingly is that, if you copy my link (or John's) and paste it into a browser, you get the "PNF" message. I am betting John copied and pasted mine into his reply. I have no idea why this is!! Anyone know why?? )

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Crazy John....your link looks like mine (you might even have copied and pasted) but your returns page not found! Gets better and better. But, if I use the link in my post, I can add 2 speakers, the shipping is $10 so I get two delivered for $ 21+ not bad considering.

Unless someone else can post a better alternative (Time for Vernon to chime in and post a link to a better, cheaper version....I hope! I can't figure out how he found that link in the MTH junkyard! HOWEVER, that speaker appears to be 16 ohm, and either 2 or .2 watt - hard to tell from the pict, I posted a pict below) and if you are pretty CERTAIN that this will fit into the Chessie Steam Special that needs it, then I guess I will complete the order with these guys.

The MTH one if the wattage works is only a dollar cheaper for two....BUT, it is still a Star made speaker, the same as the OEM one that has the flaky magnet. Do I really want to bet on this one lasting??

With all the speakers going bad out there, I am thinking that someone else has another source - but I could be wrong.

How about it....anyone else have a good source? Thanks to all, Greg (MTH below John's suggestion under that one, though I am not sure picts help. The MTH one might fit the holder better. Thoughts???)

Main product image for Visaton K50WP-16 2

Even worse, MTH parts and sales recently listed 16Ohm speakers for PS2 5V in the discount section of the site (last item on the page).


I decided to go with Vernon's suggestion and went right to the source...or cut to the chase, so to speak. Thanks to all, and especially Vernon for finding this for me. I spent $10 on shipping, so I decided to order 3 to have backups. Greg


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The speaker that Vernon shows is the old BF-0000033 speaker. It is rated for 5 watts just like the original. The .20 watt is the minimum rating. 5 watts is the maximum rating. Some companies stamp the Max range, some the Min. rating.

Wonder why MTH is listing it in the Junkyard section as for projects rather than the primary parts section?



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