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I recently purchased  one right hand and one left hand switch.  Just took them out of the box to test.

When I throw the right hand switch to the curved turnout it does not snap all the way to the outside rail.  It works fine when thrown straight.  My left hand turnout works fine on either route.

Is there some way I can adjust the throw myself?

I'm in Hawaii and would like to avoid shipping it anywhere.

Thanks for any help.


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Joe, before doing anything drastic like taking the thing apart, may I ask what voltage you're testing them with?  If you are using track voltage or a transformer 10V post, not so good.  Try them at a good 18 or 20 volts hooked to the aux. power terminals on the switch, it's a momentary pulse and will snap them a lot better.

There is no throw adjustment as such.  But of course you can always take it apart to find out what's going on in there, quite possible there is some bending, tweaking, cleaning, whatever you can do to give it more throw.  But more juice often fixes the issue.




I've actually got it hooked up to a CW80 transformer at full power so it should be about 18V.

I've got four switches I'm testing out.  2 Brand new MTH (11-99045 and 11-99044), 1 Lionel 222 and 1 Lionel 223.  It urprised me but the older ones snap much better than the new ones.

Just trying to do some checking before I have them permanently in the layout but maybe I just need to check if derailment is going to be an issue before I start messing with them.


Joe Lyons posted:

  It urprised me but the older ones snap much better than the new ones.


It may be a question of limbering up with use.  The people assembling the MTH products in China or wherever tend not to appreciate that tinplate needs to be loose at the joints; they frequently rivet things like couplers, trucks, and pivot points on switch linkage, too tightly together.

The turnout has limit switches in it that turn off the motor when it reaches the end of the throw.  Sounds like the limit switch is opening too early (the switch is open when the lever is depressed).  The arm has screws with stop nuts on it that can be adjusted.  Just be sure that the switch opens when the points are at the full straight or curved position or the motor will stay energized and burn out.  You can check electrically (continuity) or from the audible click from the switch.100_5954[1]


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Thank you for the note and the picture especially.

Can you also tell me what do I have to do to open the switch up and see the limit switches?  Do I have to remove those 9 black screws n the underside of the switch or am I supposed to just try and adjust the limit switch through the hole that appears to be directly over it?



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