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I have a PS 2 c&o kanawha 20-3186-1. I completed a factory reset on the engine recently and have now noticed that the illuminated number boards are not working. I am still getting lighting in the marker lights and the headlight. I tried a feature reset and another factory reset but no change. Any suggestions?

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Not going to work.  This is PS-2 3V with board in the tender.  So it uses the MUX.  The ditch outputs don't go to the engine.  The HL, IL/FB combo, Markers normally fed off Engine MUX from a single control input from tender.

Frankly, I am not sure how they handled the Number boards.  Possibly it is off the HL Line (3 bulbs).

You can try it but I think your going to have to open the engine shell to see what is going on.

Is the Cab Light and IL on?  G

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