I have a MTH Texas And Pacifics-l1600 Steam  Engine that I purchased in the 90's ( I'm sorry I don't have the catalog number yet ) It only has a whistle and it  has stopped putting out smoke. The fan is running fine and the wick seem to be ok but it will not  put smoke out.

My question would be is this caused by the heating elements? Can they be replaced or would I have to get a new board?  Sorry If I'm saying the terms wrong but new in trying to figure out the repairs.


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The 1995 ProtoSmoke unit has on-board electronics to regulate the smoke.  So, it would be something with the electronics or the resistors.  The components on the board are common components, so it could be fixed, but I'm guessing you aren't able to diagnose the issue.

Yes, element can break and open. Yes a component can fail on PCB or a trace open.  It is repairable as long as the board did not burn up.  Or replace it.  Normally repairing is cheaper.  G

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