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Hello All, 

I've been looking for a unique engine MTH made back in 2004 and finally found it, problem is that its 2R. It has proto scale though. Has anyone successfully completed a 2R - 3R proto scale conversion? I've done some research, is my understanding correct that it's as simple as screwing in pick up rollers and flipping the 2R-3R switch? Understood no traction tires, different wheel flanges, etc. But if I understand correctly it should still run 3R and I don't plan to operate any tighter than 0-72. Any help would be appreciated. 

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If you go to MTH’s website and click on service, and then click on documents, and then enter the product number for that P-47, all the instructions on “how to” will pop up in the owners manual......

one word of caution, some brands of tracks don’t play well with the 2 rail to 3 rail jump....I’ve had a couple of the 2 rail versions (-2) and I have very gentle O81 curves, and still didn’t like the way they behaved on Atlas track.....your results may vary,...the models I have are NYC Hudsons, and both of them got high rail chassis with blind center drivers....



I ran a scale wheel MTH PRR K4 pacific on Lionel Fastrack with minimal issues years ago. You'd be better off finding the Hi-Rail version. Keep looking you'll find it. There are probably less than 20 of the scale wheel version of that model out there so you've already found the hard one. There were probably hundreds of the Hi-rail version. 

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