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Hi - long-time reader, first-time caller...


1) My MTH R32 has distorted sounds and are generally low volume. Researched the forums on this site and have tried the following:

- replaced battery even before powering the engine up

- charged overnight w/wall charger (battery seems good as sounds keep going 5-6 seconds after power is cut)

- cycled volume up/down

- checked all wires

- visually inspected speaker for debris/damage

- performed feature & factory resets based on instructions in the DCS O Gauge Companion


Thinking the next step is a speaker replacement, but wanted to see if I missed any steps. If that is the next step, is it generally straightforward to do so? Is MTH the best source for a drop-in replacement?


2) R11 overhead light connection is broken (see pic, circled in red). Is this a soldering repair and/or are there replacement parts I should order? Happy to try and solder myself but I haven't ever done this - should I just send off to a tech for repair?


Thanks all!





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  • current R32 speaker
  • broken overhead connection
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