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So I noticed in running my MTH Tinplate 10-1289-1 Black Steam Locomotive which is a repro of the American Flyer Piper locomotive I noticed one of the chrome rims or tire, I guess, is missing from the leading truck wheels. My question is where can I find that chrome rim/tire? The wheel is intact otherwise.

Thanks in advance!

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Hennings does not make that wheel with a separate rim.  The wheels that Hennings sells are a solid cast wheel that has been nickel plated and painted black at the center.  I realize that the listing says O gauge trailing wheel, but it is the same as the standard gauge leading wheel.

The only wheels I know of with that separate rim, are the McCoy wheels, which were made years ago.  Here is a link to the only one, that I know of, which is available.  I realize the listing says O gauge trailing wheel, but it is the same as the standard gauge leading wheel.


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You checked all the wheels that Henning's makes?  Or did you just look at the eBay sales?

I know all of the wheels that anyone makes for American Flyer prewar Chicago era trains, and Hennings does not make that style wheel.  MEW may have made it at one time, but that was long before Hennings took over MEW. 

One is lucky to find the old McCoy wheels and I know that the MTH reproduction wheels of this type, sold out long ago.

I do have several wheels that are crumbling and the steel rims could be harvested from, some with relatively decent rims.  The plating is not as nice as the newer wheels, but could likely be cleaned.

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I tried to send a private message but I could not get it to work. Send me you email address and I can send you my address.

Thank you so much!

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