I bought this station and put it on my layout for about 1 year. It is the German version with German language text on it, including the shipping box. I just didn’t fit in with my all original layout. Also, I couldn’t fit the station platforms when they came out. It is very beautiful and large and in perfect condition. I opened the box, set the station in place & connected the lighting wires and it never was moved until I took it off the layout. So I can’t say that it is “new sealed in the box” but I would think anyone buying the Leipzig station would “take it out of the box & set it down”. So it is in new condition. Also, my upstairs train room with layout was built intentionally on the north side of our house with only 1 north facing window with blinds, and the lights are turned off 99% of the time. I also keep a dehumidifier in the room. So there is no exposure to sunlight or humidity. I have the original box with the beautiful original catalog image on the top, with all original packaging & outer brown shipping box. This is a huge box and I’ll have to ship via FedEx Ground.

$900 + $50 Shipping via FedEx Ground. I’m charging $50 shipping, but I would think that will cost closer to $100. I’ll pay any extra over $50, and if it is less than $50, I will refund the difference.

You can email me at hmi@otherside.com or you can send a text to 812-225-0837 and I will get back to you. But please understand that I got my 1st smart phone and only check my email about 1 time a day. I have health problems and I'm helping take care of my 91 yr old father. I say this because you might not get an instant response from me (so many want everything "instant" today), but I will respond.

 One sticker is in English that says:

 Tinplate Accessories

No. 2036 B

Leipzig Station


Item No. 10-1027

 The tag on the other side says:

Tinplate Zubehor

2036 B Bahnhof Leipzig


Artikel-Nr. 10-1027


Thanks, Bill TCA#96-42883


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