Hurry Before They're Gone, Just Five Or Less Tinplate Traditions Items Left To Sell!

July 16, 2019 - We inventoried the warehouse last week and found five or less of each of the items featured below.

Item No. 10-1346-0 Black #1134 Dorfan Steamer (Traditional)

Quantity Remaining: 1

Item No. 10-1346-1 Black #1134 Dorfan Steamer w/Proto-Sound 3.0

Quantity Remaining: 3

Item No. 10-2247 MTHRRC No. 217 Std. Gauge Illuminated Caboose

Quantity Remaining: 2

Your local M.T.H. Authorized Retailer can order them for you today!

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The SGMA is trying to find the dealer/s that bought the remaining stock of the standard gauge bay window cabooses that you were selling at York.  We are assuming no production runs are forthcoming, and would like to buy a large quantity to repaint for our annual club car.  Can you suggest who we should contact?

Kirk Lindvig, USA Track LLC


Kirk, have you considered contacting Mike Wolf about producing the cars.  No one is a bigger fan of standard gauge than Mike and he is very approachable and willing to listen.  I think your assumption about no forthcoming production runs might be a little preliminary. ( and don't ask me how I know )

We haven't had much luck contacting anyone at MTH since York.  Our president, Wayne Strobel, has left several phone messages and sent several emails with no response.  Fortunately Al Rudman (Sidetrack Hobbies) has been very helpful, so we are hopeful we can move forward with the new project.

Mike indicated at York that future production would be based on demand.  Of the several items that he mentioned that might be forthcoming, none were Standard Gauge.  So, we can all hope for more Tinplate Traditions from MTH, but when isn't clear.

Kirk Lindvig, USA Track LLC

Hi Mth, 

in the same vein as other items in demand by collectors are the Red sets- The Red Comet and the Red President’s Special. The reason is that they were particularly under produced. Any remote chance that it’s still in MTH inventory or can MTH point me to dealers that MTH shipped them to? 

Ash Standard 


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