You can read my sob story below.  What it means is I bought all this stuff like 10 years ago and have no idea if it is used or new.  Probably a mix of both.  I did examine a couple of each bundle and all the track looks very good.  I want to try to get rid of all of it at once rather than split it up.  Here is my recent inventory.  The price is $170 (o.b.o.) plus the exact shipping from 85741 via the carrier of your choice.  Check, PayPal friends, PayPal standard add 3%. Hopefully I have my account here on O Gauge set so PM's will go through to my private e-mail.  Thx for looking.

MTH Track Inventory

Straight 30 inch   20

Straight 10 inch   19

Straight 5 inch     6

Straight 4.25 inch 4

Straight 3.5 inch   3

Curve O-54         15

Curve O-42       30

Curve O-31        4

O-42 Halves         4

This is sort of a generic description of the history of this item for sale. I will then add details as needed to each item. Many years ago I threw myself in to the MTH hobby with the plans to build a large layout in a vacation home we bought in the AZ high country that was eventually to be our full time home. So, I bought lots of stuff and this is part of it. All that ever happened was I built a 10x10 layout on the floor of the 3rd bedroom. I ran that occasionally when we would go for weekends. I would estimate the total time that ran would be maybe 15 hours total. We have now sold that home and decided to stay in Tucson full time-no room for a layout here.


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