MTH/Lionel Truck Spring Substitute - NWSL 1402-4

 Good info.  I usually take them apart inside a clear bag.  Assembly is done out in the open. A lot easier to see what your doing.  Once I lose 2. I walk away figuring it's not my day. Every now and then. I find one under the bench while looking for something else that dropped.  I picked up a bag of Weaver springs at at York which I haven't tried yet to finish off the few I have laying around that became spring donors. Good to know there's something out there.

Thanks Old Goat for sharing that information.  It's alway great to learn about a suitable substitute for parts that may not be otherwise readily available from the original manufacturer.  For example, I'm trying find the correct microswitch for inside S-Helper S-Trax turnouts/switches.  So far I think this might be it  

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