I am trying to match the UP yellow used by Mikes Train House on their gas turbines and Diesels.  Scalecoat comes close but not exact and Floquil looks too "pale".  Anyone out there have a formula for a match?  Thanks.

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Jeff78rr posted:

It's tricky, but I've done it- You need to take Scalecoat Armour yellow, and add tuscan to it, very slowly until you get the correct variation. It will match if you add drops at a time to get the correct shade. Good luck-

Thanks Jeff.  I am guessing with yellow the primer color is quite important.  Did you spray over a light gray primer, or some other color?

Just as a follow-up, I took Jeff's suggestion and mixed just a few drops of Scalecoat Tuscan to Scalecoat UP yellow.  It is indeed very tricky, but it looks pretty close.  I also tried the Cub Cadet yellow from Tractor Supply, but that looked too bright for my liking.  Now I need to get the gray paint on and the red stripes and decals.


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Armour Yellow was a standard color.  When chromium was removed from paint, the struggle began.  It is almost impossible to match older yellow colors, even with factory formulae.

AN Yellow Orange was a standard color for WWII aircraft trainers.  I have tried everything to match it.  I come close, but never get it "on the money."  Anything painted before about 1995 cannot be matched exactly.

I agree - always use white under yellow.  Always!

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