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I have been trying for days to bring up the MTH website on my I-pad.  It’s like the site doesn’t exist.  Has anyone else had problems trying to bring up the site?

Are you a Spectrum/Charter customer, by chance?

I always have problems accessing the MTH web site from home. It usually times out, without being able to establish a connection. I know it's not my devices or my router. I can also get on a VPN (via PrivateInternetAccess) and it comes up just fine. It's absolutely not a DNS issue, either, as I can resolve their web site IP address ( from multiple public DNS servers.

This appears to be a routing problem, but I don't know for certain. A traceroute from my computer dies within the Liquid Web network. Liquid Web is also MTH's web hosting provider up in Chicago.

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 0.604 ms 0.314 ms 0.322 ms
2 ( 11.286 ms 15.850 ms 7.633 ms
3 ( 8.380 ms 5.636 ms 9.960 ms
4 ( 15.990 ms 8.086 ms ( 12.265 ms
5 ( 17.043 ms 13.094 ms 14.352 ms
6 ( 13.204 ms 14.407 ms 14.776 ms
7 ( 13.311 ms 19.295 ms ( 26.239 ms
8 ( 14.181 ms 14.587 ms 13.803 ms
9 ( 22.314 ms 20.433 ms 23.198 ms
10 ( 20.077 ms 20.164 ms 21.644 ms
11 * * *
12 * * *
13 * * *
14 * * *
15 * * *
16 * * *
17 * * *
18 *^C
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I have exactly the same problem that you describe.  I am not with Spectrum/Charter, but AT&T.  Today I tried to access the MTH website on my smartphone from a restaurant 10 miles from home.  I was able to access it from there.  I got home and tried to access it again with the smartphone. No luck!  So I know that it’s not a router/Wi-Fi problem, but something that just doesn’t work from my home in Kaukauna.  I can’t get the site with my smartphone, two I-pads, a PC and a Chromebook.  I didn’t have any trouble for 15 years.  Turning on my VPN on the I-pad worked just once.  I’ve got to believe it’s something on MTH’s end.   Don’t know if I will ever solve this mystery.


John, I tend to agree with you that my ISP is the issue.  We will be switching to a different ISP later this month when the fiber optic cable is installed.  I hope this solves this and other problems that I’m having.

One question though - why does it affect my smartphone which does not use the ISP service?  My smartphone can access the MTH site in another city, but not at home.


It could be a more general issue with a local DNS server, it's hard to say.  Whenever this has happened to me, just switching to a different path not dependent on the ISP solved the issue.  Long ago, I was able to prove to Comcast it was their issue by using dial-up, so you know how long ago that was!    More recently, I showed Verizon that if I used a VPN to escape from their DNS servers that suddenly the sites I was trying to access worked fine.  I was also able to access them from a T-Mobile phone.  They took the hint and fixed their network.

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