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Recently got my DCS Wifi Module.  Set up went smooth, and I was able to add my engines which I did one at a time.   Now that all of the engines (14) are in the app, many are showing up as inactive even though they are on the powered track.  On the main list of Active and inactive engines, it will not let me tap on an engine to add it to the active list, so I tried to delete the engine which was the only thing it would let me do and re-add it to my list.  I touch the add mth engine button, it says searching, then integrating engines, then says request failed.  sometimes if I power everything down and turn it back on, it may appear in the active, then I am ok.  But that seems like a big hassle when it should just show up  in the app after it is entered. I had no problems adding these engines to my old handheld remote. 

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thanks for responding, my TIU version is 6.10

when you say MTH mode, do you mean using the WiFi network it broadcasts? If so, yes.

I have 14 engines on a large layout, three loops of track that is 28x14 with a yard that is 30’ x 5’ and has eight sidings.  All 14 engines are entered into the DCS app.  My problem is that when I have the layout power on, half of the engines remain inactive. If I hit the refresh, 2 or 3 may become active, but three more go to inactive again

Yes they can, but not all at once. The power is on, but not all engines are turned on.  I usually have 8 to ten parked in the yard.   When I apply power to take an engine out of the yard, one or two will not  show up on the active list, I then have to use the DCS handheld remote to start it and move it onto the mainline. Then  I hit refresh, and it will show up as active on the app.  

If I'm understanding your problem correctly, then I struggled with this too. With the engine list showing, tap on edit (upper left on the screen). The press down on the three lines to the right of the engine you want to activate. While pressing, drag that engine up in to the active section. If the engine is on a powered track, it should get read and then be active. I'm not sure where I learned this but it was problem on this invaluable Forum.

Ed Kazarian

10 engines on one track might be the problem.

Try removing some until the issue goes away.

You may have a power drop issue there. If so, try running a drop right to that area where they're parked.

Hard to tell yet what's wrong with the info provided.

Is the TIU a version "L"?

What is the power supply?

What gauge wire to this area?


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Yes, version L, 12-14 gauge stranded wire. I have 4 Lionel 180 watt power bricks. Each one is wired through one channel on the TIU.

I was working with it this afternoon, the engines that were problematic I deleted, then re-added them.  So far they are all showing up.  It was funny the three engines stuck in the inactive list also would not respond to the DCS handheld either until I deleted and re-added them.  I never planned on getting the WiFi module, but I had two Amazon gift cards to use and decided to order it.

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