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I have a MTH 30-1176-1 decapod with a bad harness. The part # is BC-1200140 which is 10 pin PS2. I’ve recently replaced one in a different PS2 RailKing steamer. Both have the 90 degree connector, and both failed at the connector. Does anyone know if a harness is available with an inline, rather than angled connector. This should significantly decrease the stress along with being more aesthetic behind the cab.


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your layout’s curves will dictate what you can do about a tether ,……..a straight tether as you’re suggesting won’t do you much good on sharp curves, hence the reason for the looped up Anaconda between the engine & tender,…..with a straight tether, you’ll lose the ability to make it pivot,……..if you have large curves O72 or bigger, you may be able to entertain a straight tether design,…


They had the universal straight plug which could be spliced in.  If this was PS-2 3V then they had the outer removalable harness which could be flipped if it was one that is fully wrapped with outer rubber.  But as stated if you did not widen the tender hole to allow the harness to move laterally you would still flex the plug and also add stress to the engine PCB pins.  G

Thanks for the responses and information guys! I have 096 curves. If this is a somewhat common issue, has anyone come up with an effective stress relief resolution? I’m already using the tender drawbar connection that provides the maximum separation between engine and tender. I’ll need to purchase and splice in a new tether. I don’t know if blobbing on epoxy where the cable exits the connector would offer any stress relief? The damage is probably more from the leads twisting inside the cable rather than pulling.


Depending on the age and depending how many time you have pulled the tether in and out can determine why it failed.  That loop minimized direct twisting at the plug, instead it flexs at a wider radius bend in the loop.  Tether is inexpensive.  Really can't help on how to make it better.  IF you want the straight slot the tender outlet.  G

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