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Two years ago I purchased a Z-4000 on eBay. The seller claimed it had never been used. When I received it the unit appeared brand new. When I unpacked it I remember thinking it might not have ever been used.

I remember plugging it in but honestly might have just seen the green light and not looked at the meters.

So, I'm finally upgrading and pulled it out today. When I plugged it in, the meter does not light up.

Also when I first power it up, the red light stays on for about 15 seconds.

I have stopped installing.WIN_20210726_18_11_48_Pro

Any thoughts.




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@PRRronbh posted:

Did you check the breakers?


I did, none are thrown.

@BobbyD posted:

The red light flashes for maybe a second and goes off (unless the handles are raised which then red stays on until they are lowered to zero) and the display illuminates instantly.

So, getting nothing, though there is power to the track. but handles do nothing, and meters are not illuminated.

Can these be worked one?

Might be an early version transformer.

Try putting a 12-18v light on the variable track outputs, illuminated lock-on or an illuminated car on the tracks.  The Z-4000 has to sense a load on power up.  That's what MTH told me when I bought my Z-4000 years ago when they first came out.  I don't know if MTH modified them since then.


Thanks, Rusty,

So, I have an engine on it, and the engine powers up. But that's it, no meters and the handles do nothing. So I cant move the car.

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