I was starting to run some trains while I was taking care of a few things downstairs. I had a small derailment with one of my engines on start up running on my track two loop. It did not trigger a power overload on the Z4000. However, I no longer able to get voltage to the track when I give it power as normal on my Z4000 power handle for track two. My track one functions and works fine as normal but my other track is basically dead in the water. Has anyone run into this problem before and know how to fix it?? See photos if that helps. 

I have shut everything down to see if that would help but that did not work. I also checked to see if it tripped the breaker but none of them have been tripped as shown in the photos. 


Thanks so much in advance for any tips or guidance.


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Swap track one and two on your z4k to see if the condition continues on the other handle. If the problem swaps to the other handle then there is a problem with your track, if not the problem lies with your transformer.

If the problem lies with your z4k, it will need to opened for some service.


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