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I know Ron Sebastian bought Mullett River Models and had planned on bring out the kits again starting with HO then O but with his death I don't know what Sue's plans are for the line.  

I am starting one of the kits and the instructions do not mention using Sand & Sealer on the wood before painting.  Anyone have any experience building their kits?  It's a super kit and I want to do it right from the first cut.


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I normally sand and seal so it looks like I should do this one too.  Both sides should insure against warping especially seeing the walls are 3 layers not one piece.  I have a Southern, NKP and several others.  I was talking with the found about doing the VGN kit but he got sick before he could get it done.  

I don't have a rivet tool.  Is that needed or an option that really adds to the model?

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I am doing a NYC caboose and the brass frame calls for at least a few hundred rivets. Other prototypes maybe not needed. It would be indicated in the directions. Mine came dimpled for the rivet locations.


Rivet detail done with a NWSL, Northwest Short Line, "Sensi-Press" , the calibration table " The Riveter" , and one added clamp piece that I fabricated.  Link to these pictures.  

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The double/triple laminate walls, associated with the assembly of these models, and the intricate brass sub-structure eliminates warping. IMO.  Each wall section has an inside, outside, and middle wall filler, with enough space for a window to slide, Up/down. 

You got to admire the precise detail of these models.  I have yet to find something that did not fit as it was suppose to.   Even a flat sheet attached to bowed roof rafters came out well.

The fragile cupola once assembled, fit well. 

Add the roof panels, no clamps or adhesive applied. Not sure about completely glue-ing the model together. 


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